Guess who’s back back back

Back again gain gain

I’m not feeling real lit at the moment, nor do I think I can write anything of quality. But  had another lumbar epidural this morning, with a different doc. I don’t think it was as good as the last one. I didn’t get any pain down my leg – only a slight fuzzy feeling, and this time it only took around 20 minutes. A 2X dilution of the last!!!

I’m still not really coping with this injury thing. Of course, some days (probably even most days) I feel emotionally stable, but then (of course) the others are pretty shit. My family aren’t supportive at all and blame me for the outcome. They’re not wrong in doing that, but it does get hard dealing with this on my own. Doctors appointment, injections, physio… all these things that I’m going to and I am literally the only one who knows about it. I don’t know if that makes much sense but sometimes I think it would help if someone would listen rather than judge.

God, I’m such a complainer.

But the nurse at the clinic this morning honestly accused me of “doing something” (weight lifting, doing something insensible, etc) to make the last injection wear off.

On that note, I haven’t exercised properly since the last injection. Which doesn’t help my mental state (nor physical, oh lord). I’m not “”””allowed””” (by parents) to exercise because I’m “stupid in the gym and look what you did last time you need a professional to help you, you can’t go back until you’re better”. I’m mad and sad and don’t want this to be happening right now and I miss seeing my family and not being restricted but it’ll be fine again one day just now it’s not


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