Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Because that’s what this is turning out to be.

I ain’t even mad though.

This one will be a pretty positive one.

The last two weeks have been good. I’ve been working a lot, and putting a lot of personality/effort into my two hospitality jobs. Some of the customers as of late have been so incredibly kind. A lady last week called me over and asked if I liked my job, because it was showing. She told me I was very good at it, and when she left she told a few of the other staff about me. I teared up a little. Then two nights ago a couple basically shouted down the whole restaurant as they were leaving saying how great I was. They asked my name and addressed me by it. And the couple beside them left a pretty big tip for me on their table. That time I actually cried, I had to go around the corner for a little bit to hide it. And last night I had a great chat with an old couple about travel. They were wonderful and said it was a very memorable night. I hate to say, it but I feel kinda #blessed right now.

Working in hospitality does suck a lot of the time, particularly when it feels like you’re doing the same thing day in day out. For long hours and not much money. But I suppose being kind always pays off.

On another note, I’ve taken hostage of my brother because he got kicked out of home. He is his own problem. Runs in the fam, I guess. I think it’s a glitch that happens from about 14 years old and goes for 4 or 5 years, give and take. I do feel a responsible for him though, as though I shouldn’t move out yet because he really does need supervision. And that would make it easier on me to save money ie. travel. I’ve considered taking the semester off uni to work but I’m peachy keen to get back to study so that probably won’t happen.

I also quite literally have one friend right now. This is not a drill. This is real life. The worst.

I’m bored of talking about me. I have a bit of a summer cold. The worst.

See ya.

PS. My leg still goddamn well hurts. I feel like it’s at this level where it’s manageable so it’s not improving from here. But even still, if I don’t take neurofen then it’s a little bitch. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m tired of it.
PPS. I did a set of 3 pull ups today (probably not the best form but damn I’m getting there).


One thought on “Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  1. my mid-40s girlfriend used to have this charming turn of phrase for anyone that was being decidedly lame (or just lukewarm) she used to say “time to take your balls out.” these werent gendered things of course, but she was fun to talk to.

    if this means youre not going to blog anymore, i think youre quitting too soon. no i know– its your blog, you can give up when you want to. but you said youre tired of talking about yourself. fine! so use the letter “i” less and talk about other things instead.

    talking about yourself is actually boring you. thats great! you should talk about what interests you– theres nothing else thats going to make you feel good about writing, or convince other people that youre talking about something interesting if you dont find it interesting yourself.

    its your blog. but think about it. the “balls” in your court.


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