I can’t count the number of people I look up to and/or consider rolemodels. Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Freddie Mercury… 20 words in and I’m already cracking Queen references. But no, although these guys do inspire me, so do the likes of Tim Ferris, Jenna Mourey, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Tim Minchin, Zoe Foster, Gwendoline Christie, Hyeonseo Lee, Christopher McCandless, Leisel Jones, Jon Krakauer. And then there’s the fictional characters – Atticus Finch, Guido Orefice, Arya Stark, Lee Everett, Chihiro, Ash Ketchum, Lisa Simpson, Sora, Dumbledore, Mulan, Simba, Goku, Gandalf!!!!!! And the REAL people in my life – all of my family, my friends, my teachers, my coworkers – every single one of them are held highly in my regard, each a rolemodel in their own respect.

When I was 12 one of my friends told me that I was their rolemodel. To this day I still grant it is as the best compliment I have ever received. I doubt Adele would remember giving me the compliment, and I doubt I’ll ever forget it. (I remember Adele’s reasoning was that I was always so happy, positive, “smiley” and good to be around.) 8 years later, I can only hope that I have somewhat remained a ‘rolemodel’, whether for the former reasons or for a completely new one I truly don’t mind.

I’ve been thinking about this because I’ve been watching TED Talks. The most notable being one by Leisel Jones, a nerdy math one, and one with a neat visual on elimination and automation. I can sense myself going off on a tangent (math pun intended), so getting back on track.. as mentioned before, Leisel Jones is someone I admire. Not only is her message on doing what you love VERY important, but she’s also very real, very dedicated to herself and her passions, and she is very intelligent (and an Olympic Gold Medallist wtf). She has also publicly spoken a lot about body image which is pretty freakin’ epic. For the most part, I think she’s great. In my life, she is one of my rolemodels.

Mostly, I just think that people are cool and do cool things and have a purpose (role?) to positively influence others.


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